I am a huge hockey fan, and because of this I like to keep tabs on the players who could end up being the future of the sport.  I enjoy both the NHL and college hockey, and so I like to know what players I will be able to expect to have impacts on the sport in the future.  There are many out there, and Sean Driscoll Toronto is one of many young players that I have been keeping my eye on lately.  The great thing about any sport is that it is the young guys who have a passion for it who will end up giving us fans something to cheer about in the future, and so that is why I enjoy looking into all of the info that I can get on them in order to try and predict what I can expect the game to look like years from now.

Sean Driscoll Toronto

    There are many players who are currently in the NHL who I have followed since before they chose a college to go to, and I think that this is something that gives me an insight into the game that I would never have otherwise.  I like looking at all of these prospects in order to see how I think they might turn out, and I have witnessed a number of success stories in hockey first hand by doing this.  It really is something that makes the game a whole lot more fun for me as a fan, and that is why I always keep my ear to the ground regarding the up and comers.

    A lot of factors come into play, so it is hard to always predict a player’s future correctly, but you can tell a lot by their early performance.